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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Whats more, the tips arent tailored for people with HIV, and can be practiced by anyone. For the study, researchers from Northwestern Medicine reported that practicing skills to promote happiness and other positive emotions resulted in both lower amounts of HIV in patients’ blood and lower antidepressant use too. These resultscould have far-reaching benefits forpublic health: The amount of HIV in one’s blood is related to their ability to spread the virus,so actively decreasing HIV levels in patients may reduce the chances of them passing itonto others. For the study, 80 individuals, mostly men, recently diagnosed with HIV were taught a set of skills (listed below) to promote positive emotions over the course of five weeks. As a control, 79 recently diagnosed individuals were not given these skills. Both groups had their find more info HIV virus levels measured at the end of the study. Results showed that 91 percent of the individuals taught happiness skills had a suppressed viral load by the end of the study, compared to only 76 percent of the control group. In addition, at the beginning of the study, 17 percent of the volunteers were on antidepressants. By the end of the study, this number had not changed for the group taught happiness skills but had hop over to this website risen to 35 percent for the control group. “Even in the midst of this stressful experience of testing positive for HIV, coaching people to feel happy, calm and satisfied what we call positive affect appears to influence important health outcomes,” said lead author Judith Moskowitz in a recent statement . The patients were taught happiness-improving tips that anyone could easily benefit from.

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